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nursery care

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At Sheephouse we offer nursery day care for children aged 3 months to 5 years from 7am to 6pm. We have lots of bright airy indoor space so we like to make sure we spend our days making the most of what our rooms have got to offer.

horses’ hideaway (3 months to around 18 months – 1 team member to 3 children ratio)
A cosy quiet space, our horses’ hideaway provides babies with a happy and safe setting to have fun and build confidence. Babies learn through sensory experiences so we have lots of exploring fabrics, pine cones, brushes and sponges and sand and water trays.  Our home-from-home environment with lots of cuddles ensures a gentle transition from home to nursery.

Outside, babies have direct access to their own private garden away from the hustle and bustle of the bigger children which allows them to experience different seasons.


lambs’ lounge (around 18 months to 3 years – 1 team member to 3 children ratio)
A bright airy space at the front of the nursery, lambs’ lounge is ideal for our toddlers who are increasingly fearless and full of adventure. We use the room as a blank canvas and allow their little imaginations to dictate the range of free-flow play and the scale of the clean-up job!

Our qualified practitioners work to the Pre-birth to Three Curriculum, using their story-telling skills to help create a natural room rhythm whilst ensuring that language skills are developed.


ponies’ parlour and piggies’ playroom (around 3 to 5 years – 1 team member to 8 children)
Our ponies’ parlour and piggies’ playroom are a hive of activity.  We support social and life skill development by listening to the children and using their suggestions to form our activities and shape the room.  There is more structure to the routine which the children help develop.   We use the ‘curriculum for excellence’ with our focus being on purposeful play to help build learning foundations.  You’ll find lots of baking, singing, crafts, dancing and sports going on in these rooms with our home corner regularly being converted into a press office, fish and chip shop, concert venue or pirate ship.  For the older children we promote opportunities to learn through literacy and numeracy skills and you’ll find ICT being used in this room too.


grazing garden
Outside, our garden is open all day so children can go outside at any time and continue their play on a larger scale. Involving the children in the development of the garden is crucial and eventually it will be packed full of all the things that children love including a den, sandpit, barkpit, tree trunk seats, long grass and hiding places and of course allotments, flower beds and a greenhouse.