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the sheephouse way

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At Sheephouse, we work towards providing a home from home environment that is safe, secure and stimulating.  We have a strong vision that is made apparent to our families, our team and the community in which we are based.

We strive to be innovative and dynamic in our approach to play and learning.  A creative and passionate team nurture all children to reach their full potential, utilising our space inside and outside.

Through parental involvement and interest, we learn about the experiences that shape our children outside of nursery. We then build upon these to tailor the care we offer and plan learning experiences which meet their needs and pique their interest.

Through regular consultation with key families, we share the experiences and growing skills of our children.  We come together often to celebrate achievements with our local community providing opportunities to develop the children’s sense of belonging.

Our ethos is broken down into seven measurable aims which are central to the care that we offer and form the basis of our self-evaluation:

  • We will provide a homely and happy environment where children learn through child led activities that are both fun and educational.
  • We will work in partnership with families to enrich the care we offer and personalise play opportunities to stimulate development.
  • We will ensure smooth transitions for all children with continuity and progression across the curriculum.
  • We will progress all our children holistically to become confident individuals, successful learners, effective contributors and responsible citizens.
  • We will promote and support continuous development for staff, to keep training current and to ensure our team feel confident in their roles.
  • We will manage our centre well, ensure it has a strong vision, is secure and works on continuous improvement to provide a high quality environment for our children.
  • We will ensure that our children, our families and our team’s rights to equal opportunities are met regardless of race, religion, gender and ability.