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what our families say…

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“I don’t often get the chance to drop Niamh off in the morning so it was quite a treat for me to see her so excited to be going to nursery this morning. She must be enjoying your cooking this week because she made a beeline for the dining room! It’s a great weight off my mind going to work knowing that Niamh really enjoys going to nursery. We really feel lucky that Niamh goes to Sheephouse!”

Maria – Niamh’s mum


“I think the team are out of this world. Communication is excellent; from what Harris has been doing through the day to what he eats, to his toilet training or a change of nappy – is all relayed back to us as parents very well. We are also informed of all upcoming events.The way you have your business set-up and your excellent team are spot on. I have used private nurseries for my eldest son and Sheephouse has impressed me most. Fauldhouse is very lucky to have you.”

Simon – Harris’ dad


“Sheephouse Nursery is a much needed and very welcome addition to the community of Fauldhouse.  My little boy has been attending Sheephouse Nursery since he was 9 months old.  In short, he loves the place.  It has made it so much easier for me as a first time mum to get back to work knowing that he is in a safe, secure and fun environment.  One of the lovely things about this nursery is that, although there are specific rooms for different age groups, Aaron knows all the girls that work there.  The staff do a fantastic job of keeping the kids entertained with a variety of fun, educational and environmental activities.  They also make sure that I am kept up to date about Aaron’s day, from what he’s ate to what he’s been giggling at which I find invaluable.  I would definitely say that Aaron’s development has benefited from attending Sheephouse Nursery.”

Dianne – Aaron’s mum


“I have used Sheephouse breakfast club, after school and holiday club since it opened.  Sheephouse is very well run, very organised and I feel completely relaxed and at ease leaving my son in their care.  All the team are highly motivated and dedicated, they are always open to suggestions and looking for ways to keep the children of all ages occupied and interacting with each other.  Holiday club is fabulous and always filled with fun activities, including swimming, trips to the museum and picnics on the beach.   I have peace of mind when at work that my son is being very well looked after and stimulated the whole time while at Sheephouse.  I would highly recommend Sheephouse to all parents looking for childcare.”

 Linda – Ben’s mum


“Everything Sheephouse stands for absolutely compliments our son’s home life. A loving, respectful and educational environment combined with hearty, nutritious cooked-from-scratch meals, a fantastic team of girls with infectious enthusiasm and positivity making every day quite simply – tonnes of fun!  I feel so happy and extremely fortunate to have Sheephouse on our doorstep and available to our family. I would be absolutely lost without them.”

 Eve – Hamish’s mum


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